Why do some humans dump rubbish in the forest? 1

This blog is written by Nanoo, a Scoodoo who lives in Co. Mayo. Nanoo is upset because some people dump rubbish in the forest instead of bringing it to the dump.

Hi I am Nanoo, I am a birch Scoodoo and I live in a beautiful place in Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. Most humans are very nice and care for their environment and don’t intentionally do bad things to harm the environment. But I discovered something not nice close to where i live, it made me sad!

Scoodoos live everywhere where there are trees. We love nature, not just trees. In the forests and woodlands there is a wide diversity of species, plants, animals, fungi and bacteria too. And of course we love the humans who we share this planet with.

In nature when plants or animals die, they decompose and return to the earth as part of the natural cycle. Trees become compost and nutrients released during decomposition are there for other trees to use. That is nice, that is nature.

Some humans make compost in their gardens, this is good for the planet. Other materials can be recycled, old newspapers made into flower pots is one exemple. More humans are becoming aware of composting and recycling which is very good. Not all materials are suitable for composting, but many can be recycled. Other things not suitable for composting or recycling should be disposed of carefully so as to limit any possible harm to the environemnt. Most humans are careful and take responsibility for their rubbish. Unfortunately there are some who do not care! This makes us Scoodoos very sad.

Nanoo and all Scoodoos hate to see dumping happen, it is not nice.

Surely these people must know that dumping rubbish is wrong! Where I found the dumped rubbish in the photographs is on a lovely quiet country road. Either side there are forests of trees, fields with cattle and a few houses where people live and tend their gardens. Some mean person must have purposely driven to this road and unloaded their rubbish, why didn’t they drive to the dump instead?

This sign is almost opposite where I found the dumping site. I wonder when the person will get the fine?

On behalf of the Scoodoos, the trees and all the beings and plants that dwell in the forests, woodlands and countryside of Ireland and all around the world, we appeal to the human race to please stop littering and dumping rubbish that spoils the beauty of countryside and harms the natural world. Live together with nature and rejoice in its beauty.

Why do humans dump rubbish in a forest? We thought that they had dumps for rubbish!

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