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Scoodoo Action – One Tree, One Planet 2

Humans and trees have always lived together. Trees have provided humans with shelter, food, fuel, company and a peaceful place to rest and reflect. In the past, humans understood the importance of forests and woods, they used to take care of them, they respected trees. In every culture trees and woods were sacred. The concept […]

We are Scoodoos- Nice to meet you! 2

We are Scoodoos. We are ancient tree sprits and we are worried about the decline in trees and forests. Please help us spread our message “The world needs more Trees!” LIKE our page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scoodoos/242926692502875 A pair of Scoodoos spotted in Egool, Kilmovee, Co. Mayo. Amoo on left and the small one on the right is Little-Noo.

Why do some humans dump rubbish in the forest? 1

This blog is written by Nanoo, a Scoodoo who lives in Co. Mayo. Nanoo is upset because some people dump rubbish in the forest instead of bringing it to the dump. Hi I am Nanoo, I am a birch Scoodoo and I live in a beautiful place in Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. […]