Scoodoo Workshops For Schools

_DSC1358  Scoodoos in Schools

We want to bring important messages about the environment and share our love of trees with everyone, and that includes children. A Scoodoo School Workshop is delivered by Ciaran Burke, a qualified horticulturist.


Scoodoos are ancient tree spirits who for many centuries have rarely been seen by humans. Not until recently have they chosen to reach to humans and ask their help to save the planet from environmental catastrophe. Scoodoos live in trees, and without trees they will be homeless. Every living thing on planet earth needs trees to clean the air and provide us with oxygen to breathe. The Scoodoos message is simple, “We Need More Trees”.


Scoodoo School Workshop


The workshop includes activities of making a plant pot from newspaper, filling it with organic peat free compost and sowing a seed. There is a story to be told to, the story a Scoodoo once told a little boy and girl about how a seed grows. It is lots of fun and helps bring an important messages about caring for the planet.

Themes include: recycling, re-using, composting, growing food, how plants help the planet, plants as living things, the beauty of plants and sustainabilty.

We supply the material including the compost, seeds, and pot making equipment. We also bring a Scoodoo sculpture to visit the class and tell about how important trees are to the world. Everyone will get a certificate with their name on it to show that they are newspaper pot maker.

The workshops can be tailored to for different age groups.

Booking A Scoodoo Workshop

There is a charge for Scoodoo workshops. We hope to be able to provide more free workshops in the future by generating income through sales of Scoodoo Sculptures and we are planning on publishing a Scoodoo children’s book in the near future.

To book a Scoodoo School Workshop and get infomation about costs and times, please email