City of Dublin Gallery – Hugh Lane, Dublin

 Scoodoos at Hugh Lane, Dublin City Gallery, Dublin

Scoodoos exhibited in the Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin during March and April 2015

Workshops with a local primary school led to the creation of new Scoodoos sculptures that formed an exhibition. These sculptures were then be moved to the grounds of the school.


The exhibition started on March 10th and was located in the area that was the bookshop. It featured a number of elements.

Scoodoos Tree Notes

Utilizing he space of the old gift shop in the Hugh Lane Gallery, Scoodoos invited visitors to write a note of what trees mean to them, tell us about their favourite tree or draw a picture of a tree on a Scoodoos postcard. The postcards were then be displayed for everyone to see.

Scooodoos postcard we are

 Twig Art Project

Using twigs and fine wire, twig art enables us to turn twigs into pieces of art. The first stage of the process involves making a twig and wire “rope”. Throughout the exhibition visitors are invited to make a piece of rope, as it lengthens it will snake around the room. Eventually it will be formed into a sculpture. There will also be a display of smaller twig art pieces. Many of the pieces on display were made during a workshop with a local school.

Twig Art pieces

Twig Art pieces

Twig Art Sculpture

Twig Art Sculpture