All About Scoodoos


Once upon a time we Scoodoos were commonly seen throughout the world. As humankind spread as a species, the Scoodoos retreated, seeking refuge in the arboreal world, we are spirits of the trees.

Not much is known by humans about us Scoodoos in modern times. Our existence has been the subject of rumour and superstition. We are tree spirits. In past times we were known by many different names in different cultures; for example in Japan tree spirits are called Kodama, in Greek mythology tree spirits were called Dryads.

Saddened by mankind’s destruction of our woodland homes and humans forgetting about the magic of the forest, we stopped appearing to humans.

Whether we should once again re-establish contact with humans has been a subject of debate amongst the Scoodoos for over a century. For a long time we have not made contact your species, but for a few exceptions.  Now we see that it is imperative that  we help the human race to respect and value trees, acknowledge their sprits and their magical properties. Scoodoos want to warn you of the dangerous course that your race is on. It is not to late to mend your ways and once again learn to love and live with the magical spirits and woodlands. If you are willing to learn, we will guide you and provide you with the nurture and strength to live richer lives with nature and save our planet.

Scoodoos sometimes appear to humans. Scoodoo shapes vary and their appearance can be attributed to a number of reasons. Sometimes Scoodoos show their appreciation in places where trees are loved or where there are individuals who are thought to be receptive to woodland spirits. In other cases Scoodoos appear in places where we sense great danger or sadness caused by the lack of trees or where trees have been mistreated.

In past times the presence of Scoodoos was widely accepted and it was normal practice for a person who wished to cut a branch from a tree or to fell a tree for uses such as building or fuel to ask the tree for permission to cut or fell the tree. By doing so you showed respect to the tree spirit and it would help the cut tree to heal or the spirit would move to another tree in the case of felling. In recent times, the Scoodoos have been upset, they see the natural balance of the earth being altered by the actions of humans and the destruction of trees reduces their places to dwell, their habitats are under threat.

We Scoodoos want to live in harmony with humans and all the other species on the planet. By communicating with humans Scoodoos hope to share their wisdom of trees and show humans the magic and value of respecting trees. Scoodoos encourage people to plant more trees to enrich the planet.